Accessoires de Style Français presents over 30 projects of elegant and colorful accessories - such as brooches, earrings, necklaces and more, made with beads, sequins and embroidery threads. Each project has a detailed DIY instructions and drawings for an easy understanding.
The book was published in Japan in April 2016, and is in Japanese.

Special thanks go to Mieko Akima, Kaori Kaburaki, Ayako Hachisu, Masayo Oono and Kaori Maehara for their outstanding work and collaboration.
I also want to thank my team of translators - Nao Lincoln, Masako Yosano and Tomoko Nakayama for their dedicated support (they translated all of the DIY instruction) and their friendship.

✩ Announcement: ​I am having a solo exhibition for the book launch at Gallery Palette in Tokyo from the17th of May until the 22nd. I will also teach several workshops every day, please kindly check the schedule here if you are interested in signing up!

✩ The book can be found at:
- all major book retailers in Japan
- craft stores such as Yuzawaya and Okadaya
- Amazon
- Kinokuniya Japan
- Kinokuniya Singapore
- Kinokuniya Australia
- Rakuten



✩ Current process to order a signed copy of the book directly from me:
I am able to ship (signed) copies of the book to my international customers - as long as I have stock at home. Here below is how you should proceed:

  1.  Email me at marie[at]mariemaglaque[dot]com and specify the email address and a valid shipping address. Please note that I won’t be held responsible if you have given me the wrong address.
  2. I will send you a Paypal invoice within two working days after receiving your email
  3. Once your payment has been processed, I will ship you the book, usually within 1-3 working days.

Cost: the book costs $22 which can be broken down as $13 (book) + $9 flat shipping rate (via airmail).

You can upgrade to registered mail (EMS) for an extra $4. Make sure to specify this info when you order.

I will assume that you want a signed copy of the book; if this is not the case, please kindly inform me that you would rather not have it signed.

✩ Most frequently asked question:
- Is your book available in English or French?
My book is only available in Japanese at the moment, but I am planning to publish it in French and English in the near future. Stay tuned!

- Is your book suitable if I can’t read or understand Japanese?
This is quite difficult to guess, but I would say that some projects (such as the camellia brooch p.42) may be easier than others to understand even if you don’t speak or read Japanese, with the help of the photos.

- Are the sketches easy to understand?
I believe that my sketches are easy to understand, but may you have a question, feel free to get in touch with me via email - marie[at]mariemaglaque[dot]com - or on my Facebook page.

✩ Template of the camellia brooch - DIY project p.42 in the book
We have realized that the template of the camellia brooch (p.42) had gone missing in the book - how could we possibly not see it? You can download a PDF of the missing template here.

I am sending you my deepest apologize for the inconvenience caused, thank you for your visit!